Einstein: The Cognitive Customer Engagement platform



User Interface: Heart of the Cognitive Customer Engagement user experience is the User Interface (UI), how the customer will interact with the service provider. Einstein provides different options: Messenger App (through Charlie Social Messenger, available on Google Play and iTunes App Store), embedded in 3rd party mobile apps, web applications or IoT platforms.

Cognitive Engineering: Powered by IBM Watson Chiemo has developed the Einstein “Cognitive Customer Engagement” development framework pre-packaged for particular industries, such as Meinstein for Micro Finance Institutions, Einstein for Retail Banking (Chat with Banker Einstein), Einstein for Insurance and last but not least Einstein for your individual use case and objectives.

The use case “Chat with Banker Einstein” won the Citi Mobile Challenge IBM and Allianz partner awards 2015.

IoT (Internet of Things): Robust and fault-tolerant data collection is paramount for a reliable “Cognitive Customer Engagement” solution. Chiemo’s IOT platform (Duckpond) is used by customers as well as Chiemo’s Charlie Social Messenger and handles millions of transactions every day. Eat your own dog food.

Analytics: We transform data into information. Chiemo takes every customer’s right to privacy very seriously. We use advanced analytics only to train our cognitive models, recognize patterns, predict up and cross-sell opportunities and potential defection and hidden risks.