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Isn’t a solution based on IBM Watson very expensive?

An essential part of the cognitive revolution is the relatively low cost and rapid deployment of IBM Watson powered Einstein.

Do we have to use the Charlie Social Messenger for Einstein Cognitive Customer Engagement services or are there any other options?

Using the Charlie Social Messenger is free of charge and the ideal platform to provide the best possible Cognitive Customer Engagement user experience. There are other options though. You can also integrate Einstein Cognitive Customer Engagement services in an existing mobile app, or web application or even IoT platform.

Is Chiemo, Inc a software vendor or a consulting firm?

Chiemo, Inc is first and foremost a software vendor, or as we like to call ourselves, a technology platform company. Since we not only offer our technology platform but also solutions we provide consulting services as well. Solutions and consulting services might also be provided by one of our partners.

What is Einstein?

Einstein is Chiemo's Cognitive Customer Engagement platform powered by IBM Watson.


What is Duckpond?

Duckpond, developed by Chiemo, is the fault-tolerant multi-server infrastructure for guaranteed message and data delivery. The Charlie Social Messenger runs on Duckpond, it can also be used as IoT platform for bi-directional sensor data message exchange and other use cases.

What is “cognitive engineering”?
Cognitive engineering is a multidisciplinary endeavor concerned with the analysis, design, and evaluation of complex systems of people and technology. In other words we teach Einstein powered by IBM Watson to understand what "How much cash do I have", or "What's my checking account balance" actually means and deploy Einstein in a way that when you ask above questions your checking account balance will be displayed.
Why does Chiemo offer “Analytics” as part of the Cognitive Customer Engagement platform Einstein?

We use Big Data analytics to train our cognitive models on an ongoing basis. Privacy of our client's users it of utmost importance to us.

What is the Charlie Social Messenger like?

The Charlie Social Messenger is a consumer focused messenger app, available on Google Play and iTunes App Store. Besides the usual chat features Charlie Social comes with an integrated catalog of opt-in services. These opt-in services make Charlie Social the ideal Cognitive Customer Engagement platform for any service providers who are committed to engage with their customers more intelligently in order to boost loyalty, quality of information, excitement and last but not least profitability.

Is Chiemo derived from Chemo?

No it isn't. The word Chiemo is old German and stands for “gorgeous, trustworthy, safe and rock-solid”

What markets does Chiemo, Inc. serve?

Chiemo, Inc is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, United States of America with offices in Germany, the Ukraine and India. We serve customers worldwide, however our main focus markets right now are North America, Europe and India.