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Cognitive Customer Engagement: Einstein
AllianzBanking at its heart is incredibly boring. Consumers are looking for more intuitive and engaging ways to interact with financial services institutions and other service providers. Einstein, the IBM Watson powered Cognitive Customer Engagement platform allows consumers to text or voice questions in natural language. Einstein is also able to proactively reach out to consumers based on defined events and cognitive models. Einstein is “situation aware” and eager to learn your business.
According to IDC: “By 2018 half of all consumers will interact with services based on cognitive computing on a regular basis”. Allow customer to interact with you the way they always wanted to: instantly, intuitively, intelligently.
Einstein is ready: Artificial Intelligence meets Big Data.
The ultimate user experience
Citi Mobile Challenge 2015 IBM and Allianz Partner Award Winner with “Chat with Banker Einstein”
What can Einstein do for you?
Einstein has the right solution for you, FinTech or other industries. Boost customer loyalty, quality of information, excitement and profitability.
Einstein for Micro Finance (Meinstein)
Einstein for Retail Banking (Chat with Banker Einstein)
Einstein for Insurance
Einstein for your needs and objectives
By using Einstein launching a tailor-made Cognitive Customer Experience service is fairly straightforward, fast and inexpensive. We not only guide you through the process but also train your team in cognitive computing.
For client in Germany we offer participation in our pre-startup 3CAP program. Get fresh ideas from soon-to-be entrepreneurs. The Chiemo Cognitive Computing Accelerator Program (3CAP) is an initiative in co-oporation with the Founder Institute, Munich Chapter.