Chiemo Cognitive Computing Accelerator Program (3CAP)

Thinking of becoming a start-up entrepreneur? What’s the next big thing?

We don’t have a crystal ball, but start-up ideas like building another Facebook or are most likely not such a great idea. What we do know though, cognitive computing or artificial intelligence is finally taking off, ready for prime-time. IBM has decided to establish the worldwide headquarters for IBM Watson IoT in Munich – 1000 plus employees will support customers and Ecosystem partners.

Chiemo, Inc is an IBM Watson Ecosystem partner and leader for Cognitive Customer Engagement solutions. Chiemo’s IBM Watson powered “Chat with Banker Einstein” won the IBM and Allianz Citi Mobile Challenge partner awards in December 2015. Customers are able to chat with their bank as they would chat with a friend. “What is my checking account balance” or “Show me my last 5 transactions” or even “Can I afford a trip to Paris?”. “Chat with Banker Einstein” runs on the Charlie Social Messenger, available on Google Play and iTunes App Store.

CCE (Cognitive Customer Engagement) is as revolutionary today as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) was in 1996. Now, 20 years later, the race for a new market segment leader has started.  Get inspired, learn how to run a start-up, or sponsor one of our events.

The Chiemo Cognitive Computing Accelerator Program is supporting and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs in cooperation with the Founder Institute, Munich Chapter to develop “The Next Big Thing” use cases and business models.

Chiemo’s Munich office (Chiemo Deutschland GmbH) is committed to working with you.

Start-up ideas will be provided by participating sponsors or Chiemo or the pre-startup entrepreneur. The entrepreneur calls the shots, we support. The sky is the limit, go crazy. From a Chiemo perspective the question is, how do customers want to engage with companies and institutions in 2020? How can cognitive computing models disrupt what’s out there right now?

Why does Chiemo want to help start-up entrepreneurs? Think of Chiemo as a platform company. What Einstein (Chiemo’s IBM Watson powered Cognitive Customer Engagement development platform) is to Chiemo is Google Play to Google or iTunes App Store to Apple. Chiemo is inviting solutions providers (pre-startup. startup or established) to build industry tailored Cognitive Customer Engagement solutions using the  Einstein platform.

Be part of the cognitive revolution, as Founder Institute entrepreneur sponsor. We help you to find way in the dark.