Solutions: There is no one-size-fits-all approach


Although we have a library of pre-packaged use cases for particular industries every customer has different needs. Citi Mobile Challenge award winning use case “Chat with Banker Einstein” is a good example to explore the different options and possible solution scenarios. Every successful projects starts of a mandatory proof-of-concept.

Four steps to success: Cognitive Customer Engagement is a science and an art. We master both.

Experienced Cognitive Customer Engagement (CCE) Solutions Architects guide you through a 4 step proof-of-concept project. Start to finish usually takes 4 to 6 months. We have English and German speaking Solution Architects available and focus on markets in North America, Europe and India.

Phase 1: Use Case Selection

How to get started? What’s the ideal use case to demonstrate the benefits of Cognitive Customer Engagement for your needs? During a 1 to 3 days workshop we brainstorm with a small team of stakeholders about the different use case scenarios. Based on our experiences, your objectives, anticipated customer feedback, implementation timeline, we recommend the right use case for your needs and objectives. You make the ultimate decision.

Phase 2: Technology Selection

IBM Watson consists of 25 APIs right now. The pace of innovation and new possibilities is growing every day. We not only understand your needs, but also Cognitive Customer Engagement, IBM Watson and the different ways to implement it really well. Together we will decide on the technology that’s right for you. Based on the selected technology stack the specifications for your use case will be finalized.

Phase 3: Implementation

The actual development of the POC might take 1 to 3 months, possibly even longer, depending on the complexity. Regardless of the projected timeline we will provide you with a progress report every week, engage and support alpha and beta testers during the process.

Phase 4: Assessment

We are done. Well almost. Your IBM Watson based Cognitive Customer Engagement solution is in the hands of a small number of users. We assess the ongoing progress, analyze customer feedback, make suggestions for improvements and define specifications for the final release.

Are you ready for the cognitive revolution?

Let’s meet and discuss. We provide a free-of-charge half-day assessment workshop to interested parties. Let us know at hello[at]